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Tools for aggregating, managing, and disseminating "Content." Publishing, replicating, and sharing content in different formats, managing workflow and authorizations and defining content elements.
Boomtchak (France)

Créé en novembre 2000, Boomtchak est un site coopératif ŕ but non lucratif. Envie de savoir qui nous sommes, nos motivations, envie de participer ŕ la vie du site, au développement des CMS?

Capterra's Content Management Hub includes a directory of software products, research, and other useful resources. An RFP that you fill in is sent to CM vendors.
Clueful Consulting CMS Directory

Covers Commercial and Free Systems separately.

Discussion threads on major CMS topics gleaned from the CMS-List.
CMS Info

Information on dozens of mostly open-source, mostly free CMS

Aegir CMS, APC ActionApps, AppWrap, Back-End, Bitflux, Bricolage, C-Arbre, CallistoCMS, CAMPSITE, Cofax, DCP-Portal, Drupal, e107, Easy Publisher, Edit-X, eNetwizard, eZ publish, Geeklog, HardCore, Krysalis, Managee, Metadot, Midgard, MMBase, MySource, OpenCMS, OpenEffect, PageTool, PHPNuke, PHPortal, PHProjekt, phpSlash, Plone, PostNuke, Redhat CCM, SAEBR, Slash, SSR, ttCMS, Typo3, Web500, Webgenerator-X, WebGUI, Wyona, Xoops, Zope

The best mailing list on CMS. A dozen messages a day.

Portal de Información y recursos sobre Content Management y Gestión Documental.
CMS Watch

CMS News reports, and publishers of the well-regarded CMS Report, which reviews the field and 22 CMS in depth. $895 (non-profit discounts available)
CMS Wiki

A Wiki for the CMS Community
Commons Group

In this survey with a chart by Mark Surman, CMS are divided into four groups, CM Frameworks, Page-based systems, Module-based systems, and Content-object systems.
Content Manager (Europe)

Aims to assist the total CMS novice, who has not had any contact with the sector, as well as provide those 'in the know' with a point of discussion on topics such as 'personalisation', syndication, XML, templates etc.
Content Manager (Germany)

Das Portal für Web-Professionals. Seit mehr als zwei Jahren ist das etablierte, deutsche Portal für alle Themen rund um Content Management, Portal Management und den Einsatz professioneller Software in Inter-, Intra- und Extranets.

A UK site, with two relevant mailing lists, one on CMS, and one on online syndication.
DMOZ Directory Content Management

Hundreds of companies offering CMS products.
Gerry McGovern

Gerry McGovern is an internationally-acclaimed content management consultant, author and speaker. He provides support in achieving best practice in web content management.
Gilbane Report

The Gilbane Report newsletter covers content management, XML, e-catalogs, intranet publishing, content computing architectures, markup languages, information integration, corporate portals, and enterprise search.
Google Directory Content Management

A slightly different look at the DMOZ directory.
Hartman Communicatie

Hartman Communicatie geeft advies over het communicatiebeleid rondom webprojecten, het ontwikkelen van een functioneel ontwerp en het inrichten van het content management.

A French blog with an excellent list of CMS.

Homepage for Bob Boiko's classic Content Management Bible.
OSCOM Open Source Content Management

A group encouraging interoperability standards between open-source CMS. Two new XML WYSIWYG editors were introduced at their conference in Berkeley October 2002.
Roland Bourret

A freelance programmer, writer, and XML researcher, specializing in databases and schemas, with a list of XML database products and XML-based CMS.
Step Two (Australia)

James Robertson's Step Two Designs was established in early 1996 to provide consultancy services in the areas of SGML/XML development, HTML authoring, and general programming. It has now grown into a knowledge management consultancy.

Dave Krupinski's links to articles and viewpoints on content management.
Wilderness Society

A number of Content Management Systems (CMS) setup and evaluated.

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