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CMS Review Editorial Staff

CMS Review is no longer actively maintained. We leave these editors for the historical record. Email addresses at are inactive.
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  • Editor-in-Chief - Bob Doyle.

    Bob Doyle ( managed several CMS-related websites, most no longer active -,,,, and

    He also ran the major mailing lists for the CMS Community - CMS, CMS-PR, contentmanagers, and cmpros (a members-only list).

    Bob was a member of ACM-SIGCHI, SIGGRAPH and SIGIR, AIIM, ASIS&T, IAI, IxDA, KM Pro, STC, and the UPA. He was an editor of the DMOZ Open Directory Project for Content Management and editor of a project to define a markup language for CMS called CMSML, working jointly with OSCOM and the U.Washington iSchool CMS Evaluation Lab. He serves on the C19 Terminology committee of AIIM.

    Bob was the founding Executive Director of CM Professionals, the Content Management Community of Practice, and now serves as Technology Advisor.

    Bob is the force behind Memography and the Memetic Web. He also runs a taxonomy resources website called TaxoTips.

    He is the inventor of several electronic games, including Merlin from Parker Brothers in 1978, the developer of the first desktop publishing program, MacPublisher in 1984, and was for several years the Digital Video Editor of NewMedia magazine in the 1990's.

    Bob is CEO of where he developed an open-source small-enterprise information management system with his son Derek. He still hosts over 50 websites, mostly for non-profit organizations in the Boston area.



  • Executive Editor - Jeff Sauer

    Jeff Sauer ( is an industry consultant, an independent producer, and a Contributing Editor to EMedia, Video Systems, Presentations, and ProAV magazines and has been a regularly contributor to more than a dozen computer industry trade publications over the last eight years including eContent. He was the Director of the NewMedia Lab, the testing lab for NewMedia magazine and the Director of the Desktop Video Group lab, an independent research and testing lab in Cambridge MA.


  • Associate Editor - Matt McMakin -

    Matt McMakin (, journalist and consultant, has worked with digital video and related technologies for the last several years. Reviewing products and analyzing trends, focusing on DVD, web technology and streaming video creation for magazines including DV and NewMedia. Real world experience includes teaching in Boston area film and video programs and consulting on a distance learning system based on streaming video for Harvard University.


  • Contributing Editor - Paola Di Maio -

    Paola Di Maio ( is editor and system analyst at in the UK. She translated the CMS Review home page into Italian.




  • Contributing Writer - David Pearson -

    David Pearson is Executive Director of Shawmut Education and a skilled developer of database-backed websites like Boston Homeless. He was webmaster at Environmental Careers Organization. He is the producer of the CCTV cable television show "Homelessness with Hope." David lives in Boston.



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