The mission of CMS REVIEW is to give you the resources you need to choose the best content management system for your organization. We will cover proprietary and open-source products, application development frameworks and finished out-of-the-box solutions. We will point you to online demonstrations and trial download software where these are available.
Above all, we want to try to help answer these basic questions.
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We solicit reviews from active users of various CMS systems. We solicit comments from visitors (at the bottom of every page).

Although we are not a news site (there are several good ones), we monitor CMS mailing lists for important insights into CMS developments and for fleeting gems of information that should have a permanent home on the web.

We hope to be a repository of basic information about content management systems, but also point you to many other excellent sources of such information on the web and in print.

We hope to provide:
If you would like to join a board of advisors for CMS Review, be an editor or just write reviews, please contact us and we will give you editing privileges on the website.
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