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The mission of CMS REVIEW is to give you the resources you need to choose the right content management system for your organization. We manage a network of content management related sites and community mailing lists and we link you to the top CM sites in the world.

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We provide directories with descriptions of over 350 Proprietary CMS, Open-Source CMS, and Hosted CMS services at application service providers.
We separately list "CMS-Lite" products like Forums, News Portals, Weblogs, and Wikis, as well as WYSIWYG Editors and XML Editors for a CMS. We also list News Readers and Weblog Aggregators.
Above all, we want to try to help answer these basic questions.
We can not provide help with the much larger problem of analyzing the needs for a CMS in your organization, then implementing a Content Management Solution. For that you need a CMS Consultant and/or an Information Architect.
We are not a news or analysis site. There are several good ones. For your convenience, we publish those with RSS news feeds at CMS News, a CM community news aggregator.
We provide (see the List, Search, Directory, and Compare links at top right of the page):
We also publish several "Information Feeds" (something like news feeds). These are snippets of code embeddable in any web page, single-source publishing so CMS-related sites can look more professional without reinventing the same wheels and entering duplicate data. They include:
Our Tools section has search engines, spell checkers, web services, Word to XML converters, and more.

We manage several mailing lists for the CMS community. See our Netiquette FAQ for rules of use and subscription information. And see for more CMS-related mailing lists.
We attend many CMS-related trade shows and conferences, and when possible we record videos of the major players in content management. We edit and stream those videos for your use.
Recent projects included Memography and the Memetic Web. Here's a memelink for our address in Cambridge. (MEMOZIP-02138-6707).
Our 2007-2008 project was DITA Users, a site that gets you started with topic-based structured writing. We call it "DITA from A to B". DITA Users has six companion websites - DITA Blog, DITA Infocenter, DITA News, DITA Newsletter, DITA Tutor, DITA Wiki.
Our latest project is Information Philosopher, which explores the importance of information theory for problems of freedom, values, and knowledge. .
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