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CMS Trade Shows and Conferences

IA Summit 2007

The Information Architecture Summit is a premier gathering place for information architects and for discussion about information architecture. Everyone who touches on IA is welcome to share and learn. Last year's IA Summit attracted over 500 attendees, including beginners, experienced IAs, and people in a range of related fields.

March 22-26, 2004 Las Vegas, Nevada

Gilbane Conference on Content Management Boston 2006

The Gilbane Conferences on Content Management cover content management technologies and enterprise solutions and provide educational information for IT managers, system architects, and technically oriented business and project managers. Our conferences focus on both content technology and successful case studies. All our events include tracks on content technology that is strategic to all industries and IT infrastructures, as well as sessions that provide an in-depth look at application specific solutions.

November 28-30, 2006 Boston, CA

Content Management Strategies Conference

JoAnn Hackos.

Find the content you need, store it for easy access, deliver content in multiple media, in multiple languages, through the channels of marketing, training, customer support, and documentation. Develop a strategy for managing content that saves you time and money. Join your peers at Content Management Strategies.

Speakers include industry expert consultants, tool developers, and people working on real content-management and single-sourcing projects. You'll learn about the relationship between process maturity and content management implementation, the successful design of an enterprise-wide content management solution, the use of topic maps to deliver content in multiple contexts from a DITA source, the unique requirements of enterprise technical communication, the impact of reuse on content design, management of content for a global enterprise, and much more.

Boston, MA March 26-28/b>

Enterprise Content Management 365 is an online exhibition for content management and contains many vendors and articles such as white papers and the latest industry news.