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Content Management Glossary
The Glossary is a controlled vocabulary of terms.
It is a demonstration of the CM best practice called single-source publishing.
Glossary definitions are written using collaborative authoring tools with version control at our companion Wiki for the CM Community at
Definitions are extracted from the Wiki by a web service (a connector or adapter) that converts them to syndicated information feeds suitable for use on any CMS-related site. They can appear in an <iframe> like this, or open a new popup glossary window with a CSS stylesheet to match your site.
If you click on a technical term in the body text here, the definition appears in this window. If you pull down the glossary menu in the upper right, we use a popup window that you can leave open as you browse other pages with technical definitions on them.
This Technical Glossary can be syndicated to your professional website with your branding.
See how to syndicate our Glossary-as-a-Service.
About 270 terms now have technical definitions. Another 350 are candidates for definitions. The Glossary drop-down menu above displays only terms with definitions. To see all the as-yet undefined terms, look at the Glossary Table of Contents.
Undefined terms are in black text with question marks. If you would like to contribute to definitions, register at
Creative Commons License

The Glossary was offered to CM Professionals, a content management community of practice.

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